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Introducing Statcord, the better way to monitor your Discord bots growth. Simply post to our API and see how your bot is doing, day by day.

Statcord Features

All of the amazing features that Statcord brings to the table.

Live Growth Tracking

See how your bot is doing, in terms of active users, commands run, popular commands, and much, much more.

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Plug And Play Setup

Statcord takes minutes to setup. Download our library, follow the basic instructions, and your good to go.

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100% Free

Statcord is provided at no cost to you. All our amazing features, provided for free, but donations are always welcome.

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See for yourself.

Statcord makes it super simple to see how you bot is doing at a glance. Understand how many commands are being run, which one of your commands are popular, how many users are interacting with your bot, and much much more.

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